The Dramatic Difference in Presentation Skills

Our Purpose
To help executives present themselves to greater advantage on stage and in media.

Our Method
Using the techniques of modern theatre, Stage Presence is a comprehensive workshop that raises the bar in presentation skills. Incisive and insightful, it will increase your unique ability to persuade.Each session addresses your personal goals.

Stage Presence is the ability to command the attention of an audience by the impressiveness of one’s manner or appearance. It is the alchemy of technique and talent. We nurture it, encourage it, and liberate it. It can sign the contract and close the deal.

The Stand-Up Executive
In today’s business environment leaders are compelled to be visible, accountable and embody the values of the company. We help leaders to “be the message”.N.B. This intensive training is not for everyone. It will challenge you, move you and surprise you.

Uniqueness and Authenticity
Your greatest asset is your uniqueness. When you are comfortable, confident and motivated, you are authentic, passionate and magnetic: key ingredients to stage presence.

‘All the World’s a Stage’
Whether it’s the stage or the meeting room, you want your colleagues to know you are present. When you speak, you want their attention.

The Format:
Group sessions: Three four-hour sessions
Private sessions: Three two-hour sessions
Follow Up sessions: every two weeks, then once a month as needed.
Optional Equipment: video camera, microphones, monitor, podium, mirror, prop table and costume rack.

Your Personal Presentation
You will take away your own personal message on DVD suitable for business.
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